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In terms of short positions, the positions of various seats increased or decreased, among which, the short position of Huatai Futures increased by more than 4000 hands, and the net short position increased to 6,843 hands.For futures, we still maintain an optimistic judgment.On Tuesday, A-shares opened higher and higher, and duty-free shops, consumer electronics, winemaking, and pharmaceuticals rose sharply; the brokerage sector rose by 3% in the afternoon, but it failed to push the Shanghai Index to break through 3000 points.

Zheshang Securities, Guoyuan Securities, and Industrial Securities are favored by Beijing Capital.(Author's unit: Yongan Futures)The recent stock market volatility has intensified and the long-short game has become fierce.

What does FTSE Russell mean.The third quarter monetary policy implementation report released by the central bank last weekend pointed out that inflation is structural, which lowered the central bank’s expectations of tightening policy.What does FTSE Russell mean.It believes that northbound fund custodians can be roughly divided into seven categories, including foreign banks and securities firms, domestic banks and securities firms, and Hong Kong-funded and other securities firms.

On the one hand, SMIC may be blacklisted.What does FTSE Russell mean.The driving force for the market upward is mainly domestic capital.Related report: A-share daily limit tide is coming again! Investor: What's the situation with bull market all over the screen? The net inflow of over 10 billion northbound funds in a single day in a row, A-shares turned around quickly! Institutional funds continue to enter the market Will the market style switch?A-share hurricane! A one-week surge of 3.8 trillion yuan and a surge of 2 trillion yuan in transactions.